Problem Solving

Sailing emergencies are unpredictable and sometimes unavoidable. Engine overheating, reduced or restricted rpm (revolutions per minute), water or oil leakage, fault alarm, and engine starting failure etc. are most common among those emergencies which caught sailors off guard. With Grandtech International as your sailing partner, you can just sit and relax and leave the problem solving to our professional engineering team. When an emergency arises, our experienced technicians will give a professional onsite inspection, trace fault codes, identify the cause of the problem and then provide feasible solutions to the problem. If necessary, a repair quotation will be provided on demand. While some emergencies are unpredictable, an effective emergency management that keep your vessel in good conditions is key to safe sailing. Grandtech International, as a regional distributor of Volvo Penta, offers comprehensive technical support and professional services including parts installation, replacement, commissioning, engine repair, overhaul and annual maintenance.

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