Go Filter Fuel Cleaning System, manufactured by GoFilter located in Werder, Germany, is specifically designed for equipment such as emergency diesel generators (Gensets). These devices provide stable power during power outages, ensuring uninterrupted operation. Go Filter effectively filters contaminants from diesel and other fuels, reducing equipment wear and tear, and extending its lifespan.

Emergency diesel generators (Gensets) are widely used in factory, hospital, hotel, commercial building, residential building, and emergency backup power systems. They provide reliable power support during power outages or when there is a lack of stable electricity, ensuring the normal operation of ships, factories, and other critical facilities.

To provide stable power in emergencies, Gensets need to ensure the cleanliness of the fuel for smooth operation. The Go Filter GOF 1800 Exclusive is the flagship product in the Go Filter series, and its efficient filtration system ensures the highest level of fuel purity, thereby guaranteeing smooth engine operation.

Equipped with efficient Micfil AL/ST 300 0.5 μm filters, the GOF 1800 can effectively remove over 99% of impurities from the fuel, including particles, water, and bacteria. This highly-efficient filtration capability ensures smoother and more reliable engine operation.

The introduction of the AL300 filter further enhances the performance level of the GOF 1800. The AL300 filter has obtained RINA certification and can filter particles down to 0.5 microns, even filtering out diesel bacteria, which other filters find difficult to achieve. This high-efficiency filtration performance enables the GOF 1800 to prevent fuel contamination, protect the engine from wear and tear, improve combustion efficiency, and provide cleaner combustion. System alarm will be able to alert if the filter is full of dirt and water.

By using the Go Filter GOF 1800 professional filtration system to remove various impurities from the fuel and prevent fuel contamination, not only can the frequency of maintenance and upkeep be reduced, but the lifespan of the generator set can also be extended, reducing operational costs.

For more information about Go Filter products, please contact Grandtech International Engineering Limited. As the official distributor of Go Filter systems in Hong Kong, Grandtech provides professional technical support and consulting services to help you choose the most suitable solution.