The Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) system, which was initially launched in 2009, provides boaters with complete control on the water by automatically keeping the boat’s heading and position despite wind or current.

It is a power positioning system that allows for precise control of your vessel’s position, ensuring it remains stable and oriented in the desired direction on water.

It can be easily activated through the press of a button on the Volvo Penta joystick control, which is integrated into the DPS solution.

The DPS system also includes an inbuilt, state-of-the-art repositioning feature that allows boaters to automatically keep the boat in position and make slight adjustments with ease, even in challenging weather conditions. This feature gives boaters the freedom to plan routes and hold positions, whether they are inshore, offshore, or in the harbour.

A wide range of boaters from water sports enthusiasts all the way through to superyacht owners can benefit from the DPS feature.

To access the DPS feature, a software update and installation of an antenna housing twin GPS receivers are required. The system is enabled for twin, triple, or quadruple solutions across Volvo Penta’s marine leisure range worldwide.

The Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) has expanded to include its twin V6 and V8 propulsion packages. This means that DPS will now be available on all Volvo Penta boats with electric steering from 20ft to 120ft, making it the widest footprint of this automated feature in the marine industry.

Volvo Penta continues to invest in the evolution of the DPS system, with the ultimate experience of boaters in mind. The company’s commitment to innovation and automation ensures that boaters can enjoy a smooth and effortless boating experience, even in challenging conditions.

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