Hong Kong is a vibrant and thriving city that is home to a large and active boating community. Whether you’re a recreational boater, a fishing enthusiast, or a commercial operator, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the water in and around Hong Kong. And when it comes to powering your boat, there’s no better choice than Volvo Penta, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of marine engines and equipment.

At Grandtech International Engineering Limited, we offer a wide range of Volvo Penta models to meet the needs of our customers in Hong Kong. Here are some of the most popular models that we offer:

Volvo Penta IPS (Inboard Performance System)

It is a revolutionary propulsion system that provides exceptional speed, fuel efficiency, and maneuverability, making it a popular choice among yacht builders and owners. We offer Volvo Penta IPS models ranging from D6 – D13 engines.

Power output: The power output of the engines varies depending on the model. The D6 engine is a 6-cylinder engine that produces between 300 and 480 horsepower, while the D8 engine produces between 550 and 600 horsepower. The D11 engine is an 11-liter engine that produces between 625 and 725 horsepower, and the D13 engine is a 12.8-liter engine that produces between 800 and 1000 horsepower.

Applications: The different engines are suitable for different types of boats and applications. The D6 engine is suitable for smaller to mid-size boats, while the D8 engine is suitable for mid-size to larger boats, and is a popular choice for many yacht owners who seek a comfortable and reliable water ride. D11 to D13 engine is designed for the largest and most demanding yachts and those who require the highest levels of power and performance.

Diesel Inboard Engine

Diesel inboard engines are widely used and accepted by many of our clients. Some boat owners prefer the traditional design and simplicity, which can give them a sense of familiarity and confidence in their boat’s propulsion system, plus they are compatible with different types of boats and applications.

Powerful acceleration, comfortable cruising speed and an extended range are the hallmarks of Volvo Penta Inboard engines, we offer engines ranging from 2 to 6 cylinders and up to 1000 horsepower. These engines are known for their high performance, fuel efficiency, durability, and reliability.

Gasoline Aquamatic

Sporty and sharp, Volvo Penta’s Aquamatic Sterndrive Gasoline product range is a series of marine engines designed for gasoline-powered boats. These engines are known for their high performance, fuel efficiency, and reliability.

We offer engines ranging from 4.3 liters to 6.2 liters and up to 430 horsepower. These engines are designed to provide exceptional power and torque, making them a popular choice among recreational boaters who prioritize performance.

The engines feature a compact and lightweight design, which makes them easy to install and maintain. They are also known for their quiet and smooth operation.

These are just a few examples of the popular Volvo Penta models that we offer at Grandtech International Engineering Limited. We also provide a range of spare part supplies to complement our engines, including impeller, coolant, filters and engine oil.

At Grandtech International Engineering Limited, we are committed to providing our customers in Hong Kong with the highest quality products and services. Whether you’re looking for a powerful engine for your yacht or a reliable outboard motor for your yacht, we have the expertise and products to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services, and how we can help you achieve your boating goals.